Puls-Oxymeter to protect you during high altitude flights

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Display Typ:           OLED display 2 farbig, 5 Helligkeitsstufen
SpO2:                       Messbereich: 70% 99%
Genauigkeit:         2% im Bereich von 80% 99%; 3% im Bereich von 70% 79%;
Auflösung:             1%
Pulsmessung:      30-240BPM
Power:                    Wiederaufladbare lithium-batterie
Abmessungen:    61,8mm 33,1mm 26,3mm

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  • this device gives you the possibility to check the blood oxygen concentration during high altitude flights.
  • compared to many other devices it has a lithium battery which can be recharged, also of course during flight.
  • its light , small and reliable (designed for sport activities).
  • full charge needs 120 minutes and  gives you non stop operation for 6-8 hours.
  • compatible with our USB-charger and our Powerbank

content of delivery:

-1 x Pulse Oxymeter
-1 x Lanyard
-1 x type-c charging  cable
-1 x lithium-battery (inside)
-1 x Manual
-1 x  smart bag


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