keine Funkstörungen!! Radio compatible USB quickcharge socket, double QC3 = „speedcharging“ up to factor 4 for 12/24V.


This high Quality USB quick charge socket can charge two Tablets/Mobil’s with significant increased charging current if your device supports QC3 standard. Most of the newer devices are supporting QC3.  Tests with several I-phones, I-pads and Android devices have been successful. We measured simultaneously up to 3.4 Ampere of charging current for each socket w/o disturbing the radio. (to compare: we found some american charging sockets with only 2.5Ampere for 249$ on the market).

This ensures always positive charging balance for your connected devices , which is a relevant safety factor for pilots. Most of the recreational  flying pilots have changed from specific navigation devices to Mobiles or Tablets. Our charger has no certification, but it was tested in several Airplanes and Ultralights. The experience with cheap low quality USB chargers shows typically noise on the radio.  We didn´t have this problem during the whole validation. Anyhow, noise on the radio depends on many factors (cables, loom, frequency, charging level of the device ) so we recommend to install a switch to be able to switch it off temporarily. We have also done that in our product  „57mm Charger“.

The charging time is significantly shorter compared with typical chargers. The housing of the charger is made out of high quality alloy. This supports also radio compatibility by shielding the electronic. Only the backside at the contacts is made out of plastic – due to isolation of the pins.

Under power the device has blue discreed light (see product galery)

the device has several safety mechanisms:

– over voltage protection

– over heating protection

– overload and short cut protection

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charging current

up to 3.4 Ampere

charging standard

QC3 (2 times)

Diameter of the body


Diameter of the frontside


length including pins



10A mounted within the red cable


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