english Software version Rotax carburator synchronisation : CS02 „ADK Carb Sync“ for iOS and Android

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The CS02 application runs on Android and iOS.

Technical information:

The device uses a precise digital MEMS pressure sensor for each 
channel. The intake manifold pressure is measured 20-30 times 
per second and the measurement results are processed and determined 
using a digital algorithm. Those data are transmitted to the 
end device via WLAN as a website. This technology allows the use 
of a wide variety of end devices like Mobiles Tablets or Laptops 
and provides a much more flexible environment than before 
with CS01.

The differential pressure (Delta-P) is displayed primarily via an 
nice analogue instrument. There is also a Delta-P display as a 
numerical value in the instrument. As before, the setting in the 
idle position can also be checked and adjusted - this point 
(adjusting screw) is often not set symmetrically. Since all 
settings are based on measured values, you can achieve your target 
much faster, more systematically and more precisely. If the 
propeller and the remaining components are in order, you 
usually get this “turbine-like engine run” that not only protects 
the engine, but also the airframe, the avionics and the pilot.

I am still happy to offer a free non-binding demonstration in EDTQ. 
Only the landing fee has to be paid by the interested pilot. 
I can help with the PPR - it's usually unproblematic. 
If you are interested, simply contact us by email. 
Contact: ullik@adk-avionics.de

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